by the Mitchells

The Grass Is Greener

May 13th, 2004

>Pertinent to Steph’s last post, I just looked at our lawn and the rain is doing it a world of good.

This pisses me off. I’ve been out there hacking up the soil with a garden rake, mixing in richer soil, putting down patch and mulch in the bare spots, reseeding and fertilizing, and watering every day it didn’t rain. Nothing.

Then Mr. Bigshot I-Can-Make-It-Rain God comes along and in two days flat the lawn is growing like, um, Astroturf? No, that doesn’t work. Astroturf is the work of Satan.

Anyway, why can’t God let me be better at just this ONE thing? what kind of stupid cosmic rivalry is this? You don’t see me going around trying to create ostriches, do you?