by the Mitchells

GraphicActs Most Common Search Phrases

December 15th, 2004

>I’ve been experimenting with at work as a new statistics program. For fun,

I plugged GraphicActs’ log file in to see what there was to see. So far, it’s about what I expected

including the fact that the most hijacked image is Tim’s buttshot.

Somewhat amusing at least to me, is the most common search phrases

that bring folks to our little site…

1. Hugo Boss

2. Tim Mitchell

3. What attracts women

4. Stephanie Mitchell

5. Secretary’s Day

6. What attracts women to men

7. buttshot

8. wozcam

9. Shade loving plants

10. Adam Hildreth

11. Illegal drugs

12. lip twitching

And on it goes. Actually, there’s lots and lots of variations of number three and they all

go to this Babble which is the second most popular page on our site, next to the home page.

Had I known that 993 people would look at that page, I might have spent more time

coming up with more sound advice.